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22 Shades of Red

Candy apple, peppermint, a bowl of juicy cherries.

Pomegranate seeds and sweet maroon raspberries

Chilli pepper poems burn my lips, my thoughts, my mind

As cool sangria sonnets smoothly trickle down my spine

Shiny garnet gem stones adorn the crown I wear

Nine white pearls across my chest and rubies in my hair

My royal robe is burgundy my goal to reign supreme

And take care of my sisters cloaked in crimson and in creme

My strength and my foundation was built on brick red rhymes

The auburn earth beneath my feet is solid at all times

Just like my faith I look to God a cardinal flies by

As terracotta clouds roll cross a bright rose colored sky

Scarlet letters come together forming words we speak

Vermillion and venetian verses make our song complete

Melodies and lyrics composed from shades of red

Sewn together like a quilt with rouge magenta thread

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