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22 Shades of Red

This anthology was written by 22 dynamic women who share their stories of friendship, sisterhood, and love.

Co-editors L.D. Wells and Dr. Francene Breakfield

Nona N. Allen                            Shaunte Braggs                              Ayanna Card                          Candice Crowell                    Tonika Dew Evans

Clarisse Frazier                  Katreisula Bryant Graham               Dee Dawkins Haigler                    Chrystal Mc Donald                 Akeelah McTier

   Deirdre Mitchell                       Dr. Charcia Nichols                            Keisha Pooler                              Lecia J. Rives                   Denetra E. Robinson

Vera Smith-Winfree                 Darrylyn Zenobia Swift                 Dr. Serena C. Walker                     Dr. Malika Reed Wilkins           Lynnette Williams​

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